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How Does It Work?
If you are are on this page, then you want to know how 111SKIN works on a cellular level to combat ageing. The important thing to know is that 111SKIN targets ageing on three levels:

1 Strengthens the outer layer of skin to prevent further damage
2 Protects and maintains the vitality of epidermal cells
3 Stimulates cell regeneration to diminish signs of ageing

It does this by stimulating the body’s master antioxidant: Glutathione

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the most vital antioxidant naturally produced in the body and present in every cell. Scientifically, it is a tripeptide consisting of three key amino acids: Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamic Acid.

What does it do?

Glutathione is present in every cell of the body putting it in prime position to neutralise free radicals and to maintain intracellular health. It preserves and protects skin cells, combats chronological ageing and stimulates the skin’s abilities to repair itself.

Why is it important for anti ageing?

Ageing is partially genetic and partly due to exposure to free radicals. Our body’s natural defence systems are lowered as Glutathione levels decrease with age. By stimulating the production of Glutathione, the cells ability to fight free radical damage is strengthened, and the ageing process is delayed.

How can we stimulate Glutathione?


Direct intake of Glutathione has no effect on the increase of its cellular levels. Only NAC is scientifically proven to raise intracellular Glutathione levels. The entire 111SKIN collection includes our patented NAC Y² formula. This formula combines NAC, Ascorbyl, Phosphate (the most potent form of Vitamin C) and Escin.

NAC and Ascorbyl Phosphate work in synergy to stimulate Glutathione. NAC helps to maintain a youthful appearance by encouraging collagen production, improving elasticity and allowing the skin to repair itself.

Escin, another potent antioxidant, increases blood circulation, promotes stronger collagen production and helps transport NAC Y² and Ascorbyl Phosphate directly to the targeted layers of the skin.

Together, these powerful ingredients, detoxify, hydrate and regenerate, working from within to strengthen the skin and fight the damaging environmental elements that cause ageing.