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Why 111SKIN

Plastic Surgeon

Specialising in facial reconstructive surgery, Dr. Alexandrides has expert knowledge of the three dimensional healing of the skin and the way skin regenerates itself to achieve youthful appearance of the dermal layers of the skin.

Space Research

111SKIN is the first skincare brand to use ingredients tested in the extreme environment of space to ensure adequate protection on earth.

Patented NAC Y2 formula

The formula is proven to regenerate the skin to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Cutting Edge Science research

111SKIN scientists are chemical engineers with 40 years’ experience, who are always searching for the latest ingredients.

111SKIN Private Laboratory

Our products are manufactured specifically for us by us.

Pure Ingredients

Our scientists use the highest quality ingredients, free from parabens, paraffins and sulphates.

Clinical Studies

Independent studies prove the efficacy of our patented NAC Y2 formula.